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    Mobile Armored Strike Kommand
    ...where illusion is the ultimate weapon

    MASK Figures

    1987 Toy Line
    Racing Series



Boris Bushkin

Vehicle: Bulldog

MASK: Comrade

Ali Bombay

Vehicle: Bullet

MASK: Vortex
Creates wind storms

Alex Sector

Vehicle: The Collector toll booth

MASK: Disruptor

Ace Riker

Vehicle: Meteor

MASK: Cruise Control
Controls vehicles

Brad Turner

Vehicle: Razorback

MASK: Eclipse
Makes a black "fog" or barrier

Buddy "Clutch" Hawks

Vehicle: Wildcat

MASK: Ditcher
Makes holes or ditches

Miles Mayhem

Vehicle: Buzzard

MASK:  Flexor
Creates a barrier.

Maximus Mayhem

Vehicle: Buzzard

MASK: Deep Freeze
Creates a wall that freezes what passes through it

Sly Rax

Vehicle: Pit Stop Catabult

MASK: Saw Blade
Shoots saw blades

Lester Sludge

Vehicle: Iguana

MASK: Mudslinger
Shoots mud balls

Vanessa Warfield

Vehicle: Manta

MASK: Whip
Creates a laser Whip

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