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    Mobile Armored Strike Kommand
    ...where illusion is the ultimate weapon

    MASK Figures


    1985 Toy Line



Matt Trakker

Leader of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand

Vehicle: Thunderhawk

MASK: Spectrum
emitts laser beams (Spectrum laser), fly or float (Spectrum hanglider), or sees through things (Spectrum)

Here are two variations of the figure.  The one on the right is the first release,  with a short mask.  The one on the left is a later release, with mask
covering part of its torso.  Why the change?  The first mask could easily fall and get lost.  The later one stays in its place better.  My opinion!

Matt Trakker

Leader of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand

Vehicle: Rhino

MASK: Ultraflash
fires light beams

Bruce Sato

Mechanical Engineer and Designer Specialist

Vehicle: Rhino

 MASK: Lifter
levitates objects

Brad Turner

Expert Motorcyle and Helicopter pilot.  Rock star.

Vehicle: Condor

MASK: Hocus Pocus
projects holographic images

Dusty Hayes


Vehicle: Gator

MASK:  Backlash
Throws Sonic Waves

Alex Sector


Vehicle: Boulder Hill playset

MASK: Jackrabbit
Makes him fly

Buddy "Clutch: Hawks

Vehicle:  Boulder Hill playset

MASK: Penetrator
Enables him to pass through walls

Hondo Maclean

Vehicle: Firecracker

MASK:  Blaster
Fires lasers

Hondo and Firecracker were late additions to the 1985 line.  There were also two kinds of masks, this one and the
first one, that was just the goggle part of his helmet.

Miles Mayhem

Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem leader

Vehicle:  Switchblade

MASK: Viper
Throws acid

Cliff Dagger

Vehicle: Jackhammer

MASK: Torch
Shoots fire

Sly Rax

Vehicle:  Piranha

Mask: Stilleto
Fires darts

Bruno Sheppard

Vehicle:  Stinger

MASK:  Magnabeam
Attracts metal

Another late addition to the toy line.

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